Men to College Versus Women to College

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September 22, 2016 by missjordynn

Jordyn Patterson/ Inglewood

Are young women are more interested in going to college than men?

Many studies show that more young women in high school are interested in going off to college rather than young men. As rights for men and women became more equal than before, women showed their advantage over men, especially in the education field. “It’s going to happen because scientifically speaking, girls are smarter than boys,” a female freshman said.

Women could not even go to college before because their “primary responsibility” was their children and home. ” I think more women go because we are more serious about an education,” said a female highschool student. It was not until 1831 when they allowed women to graduate from college. Ever since then, women have been and currently are dominating men with attendance to college and/or graduating college.

There are many theories to why this is happening and why the numbers of the different genders are drastically different. The Washington Post stated that boys get in more trouble than girls such as arrests and suspensions, and they tend to spend less time on homework. They also stated that boys are also considered to have a slower social development and more serious behavioral problems. “Maybe because most men are not willing to put in the work required to get a degree” said a young man.

Another theory less commonly used is that changes in family structure, mostly considering absent fathers are more effective to boys rather than girls, wrote the national review.

Standing up for the men not attending college, one might say most “female jobs” require college degrees and that might be a reason more females go to college. “I feel men find another trade such as military, constructional, or work in general that does not require a college degree” – a fellow female City Honors Student. A male student said, “Men seem to let their problems affect them more than women do.” Another male highschool student reported, “More women are focused and because men say women can not graduate college, that they aren’t meant for that, they are becoming more determined to prove them wrong.” Altogether, men have many other roads to go down and conflicts that could and will stop the interest in attending college.


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