Conservative Halloween Costume Ideas

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September 22, 2016 by pocasix26


By Natalie Watson

Inglewood, CA

Though motowncostumecompositeit is still September Halloween is slowly approaching and why not start the hunt for a perfect Halloween outfit a month early.

The extremely seductive catsuit might be a favorite among the ladies or the magic mike theme amongst the males, but let’s reel back the sex appeal for a classier way to kill this years costume party.

There are plenty of accessible options for getting your hands on a costume that doesn’t exactly show everything, the most popular being Party city. Since this is not last minute shopping you have time to order a few things online,because who doesn’t love shopping without leaving home.I’m not the type of person to look for a more seductive Halloween costumes.

A website that you can start your Halloween shopping with is This website entails very elegant and non expensive costumes. “I would wear it, it’s actually kind of cute !” said a City Honors sophomore. The options continue and they have plenty of costumes to choose from that fit right into what you might be looking for.

So before you head to your local costume store and put on that sexy vampire costume or the hot life guard check out Take Back Halloween , they’ll give you just what you need to look stylish and non-slutty on Halloween.

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