UC Personal Statement Change


September 22, 2016 by hibiscuswallflower

By Paris Primm

Inglewood, CA

Earlier this year the University of California system made a big change to their application.

Instead of the traditional two prompt essay format there are now 8 Personal Insight Questions. You are required to answer 4 of the 8 questions. Each response has a maximum of 350 words. No question is favored over another, you should only be concerned with which questions tailor to your story.

After conducting a small student survey six out of seven students said they prefer the new personal insight questions over the old prompts. Students felt that they have a better chance of getting accepted because they can express themselves better. It is easier to focus on the responses because there are more options and the directions are clearer. A senior getting ready to apply commented that she prefers the new prompts but feels a bit uneasy because of the shorter word limit.

These student responses correspond with why the University of California changed their personal statement. They thought it would give students a better chance to explain and express who they are as an individual. Bottom-line according to students and UCs themselves students have a greater chance of telling their story with ease.

Applying to a UC in November or just want to practice your responses to the Personal Insight Questions? Here’s a link to the official worksheet.

Click here for tip and writing techniques.


3 thoughts on “UC Personal Statement Change

  1. Victoria Williams says:

    Very informative article! Would love to see more articles by this journalist.


  2. […] You’ll need four personal statements but no letters of recommendation. Read about the changes to the UC personal statements here. You only have 30 days, so don’t […]

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  3. […] are due on the 30th. Read my previous articles about the UC Personal Insight Questions here and How To Apply […]


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