School Life Hacks/ Tips every student should know!

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September 27, 2016 by yams1022

By: John Dave Flores, and Yamilet Balderas

Inglewood, CA


School is back in full gear, which can be such a pain in the donkey! Here are a couple of tips/ school life hacks that we tried out to see if they worked!
1. The Motivator




Reading a long descriptive book for a class can be so boring. Studies have shown that positive reinforcement produces better results, when studying. Treat yourself for reading those two pages! []

2. Wordhippo


(Yamilet Balderas) is a really cool, informative website that gives you options on a certain word. It not only gives you the definition, but synonyms, antonyms, how to use it in a sentence, how to say it in different languages, what rhymes with the word, the origin it came from, how to pronounce it, the plural/singular form . I personally love so much more than

3. Do you have smelly shoes?




After a game , or working out , your shoes can get really smelly. If you put dry tea bags in your shoes and leave them overnight, depending on how smelly your shoes are , it’ll get the problem done ! You can put the tea bags and leave it overnight for many days until the smell is gone. The same process applies to gym bags. Pintrest

4. Proofreading Essays


(Yamilet Balderas)


When proofreading your own essays, it’s easy to skip over a few mistakes because you are accustomed to your own writing. Having someone else read it for you aloud is helpful in finding those mistakes. Using the audio tool in google translate can read your essays back to you, which makes it easier to identify your mistakes.

5. Highlight your notebooks!


It’s hard to differentiate  notebooks for multiple classes, especially if you have similar notebooks. You can color the sides of your notebooks with a highlighter to not get them confused, especially because we do have block schedule.

6.   Use

This website gives you relevant academic information. Sometimes when you search a topic, random informative that is irrelevant to what you are searching can pop up. Using , helps by only focusing on your topic and only gives you facts.

7.  Effect or Affect, which one to use

Confused on which one to use? Use “impact” instead.       

8.Online Study Tools

Anyone can admit that studying is the most boring assignment students face. There are online tools that help make studying an engaging and fun activity.


  • Quizlet


      • This online tool helps you study by providing flash cards submitted by actual students and teachers. There are also games you can play to help memorize the information. Then you can take a test to see how well you know the information.


  • Khan Academy


      •    Khan Academy helps teach you not only school subjects, but also help prepare you for the SAT and the ACT. City Honors students should already have this, but just in case new students didn’t know.


  • [subject] exam


    • Need to study for a final and want to take a practice exam ? Simply go to google and type in , the subject and then exam . apush exam . You can find and take free practice test to prepare you .

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