Easy Ways To A Healthy Living

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September 29, 2016 by cathygon

Written By- Cathy Gonzalez and Maritza Garcia

We have decided to ask a nutritionist named Luis Garcia, who works at 24 Hour Gym located in Los Angeles,  for tips on how to get started on a better way of living and get on the right track.


Throughout the interview there were a few questions being made such as different workout tips that need to be known, as well as different foods we can eat to improve our lifestyle. The questions asked were:


How can we get into the fitness trend?

Luis responded, “First thing to do is wanting to better yourself, people come here to lose weight and gain muscle. Really strive to better yourself, get yourself in a fitness routine, set yourself a goal and never lose motivation. You really want to accomplish your goals.”


What should we consider when starting a workout routine?

Luis replied to us, “Definitely knowing your limit. What you can do is start off small, you don’t want to jump real big into something that will take time. Be realistic with your goals. Don’t give up, change happens gradually, it’s going to take time to get there.”

We were also curious about how to effectively exercise.

Luis recommended to learn how to exercise the correct way. He shared with us that it tends to happen a lot in their gym. He also added, “the way you are using machines matter, as well as the way you eat.”


What are some key elements to maintaining a healthy diet?

Luis mentioned to us the most important points, “Discipline, control what goes on in your mind. Eat right. You have to know what you are eating and know how to count your calories, carbohydrates, sugars, as well as knowing what is healthy to your body and what is not.”

Following down below, there are a few foods that he mentioned we can eat  to get started on your healthy way of living.


  • Chicken/ Fish (grilled), this would be your big portion of protein.
  • Veggies are all a great source of being healthy (preferably better if steamed)
  • Water, water plays a big role on your diet. This will help you to remain hydrated, and make sure to stay away from sugars like juices and sodas.
  • Every once in awhile in a meal, add a salad to it, whether it’s an actual salad or even spinach or kale.

Image result for healthy foods

(Photo from : http://www.keeponamazing.com/content/healthy-hearts-start-healthy-foods )


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