Fun Things to Do in LA : LA County Fair

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September 29, 2016 by alaniperkins

Alani Perkins/ Pomona

Though the final weekend of the 94th L.A. County Fair has arrived , there is always next year.  That means another chance to stuff your face with deep-fried oreos and bacon s’mores. Another chance to watch the pig races and see cute baby animals. Another chance to spend money and gain pounds.

Located in Pomona, The Los Angeles Fair has been held since October 1922. The fair is one of the largest county fairs in the U.S. and is the 4th largest fair in the United States. The Fair is held each September on 540 acres of fairgrounds known as Fairplex. The Fair generates a more than $250 million dollars per year.

img_0032When you first arrive you see a great deal of people and every more attractions. The fair has large conventions center, in this centers are skating rinks , talent shows, sporting events and a shopping center. For a fee of only twenty dollars you can do all these things, with spending money of course. At the fair there all types of food, like giant turkey legs, chicken in waffles , bacon donuts and donut burgers. Though the food is sort of pricey its totally worth it.

A side from the food , my favorite part of the fair was the mini zoo. This zoo had a wide range of animals. From spiders to giraffes, they had it all. Also they had butterfly exhibit, where interact with hundreds of butterflies in a small room. The fair allows to experience things that you would not regularly experience.

 Though I spent a lot of money and I was super exhausted after, it was totally worth it. The fair is great place to spend time with loved ones and a great experience over all. I can not wait until September 2017 to attend again.This is totally a fun thing to do in LA.

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