What’s for Lunch?

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September 29, 2016 by gonmich430

By: Michael Gonzalez / Inglewood, CA.

City Honors students have been protesting the lunch provided by IUSD Food Services Department. The movement primarily took place at lunch, with a multitude of students refusing to eat the school provided lunch. The movement managed to drop the amount of students that enjoy lunch from approximately 200 down to 10. This caught the attention of the food director for IUSD schools prompting a meeting with the students who played a key role in the movement itself.

On September 12, the students had their first meeting with the director and discussed the issues and solutions they had with the school lunches. Some of those who were in the meeting were not pleased with the initial results offered.

Students then started to use social media to bring more attention to their movement. They called for support from other schools within the district. This decision certainly paid off as they gained plenty of attention from other students at other high schools as well as alumni from City Honors.

These negotiations led to a prolonged protest causing some students to become uneasy and have the temptation to abandon the protest all together. This called for movement from the upper class men. However, it would only lead to more complications and result in another bump on the road regarding California Ed Code. The students were able to overcome such difficulties and proceed with the movement.


pictured above: students rally together for change in their lunch.

After some time, the food director finally brought a salad bar to City Honors which would feed all the students including those who are unable to eat the regular lunch due to their beliefs or lifestyle, something that had not been entirely been accommodated to. However the protesters were not happy with these results.

An interview with a student who will remain anonymous stated that she is not happy with the results and would utilize the media in order to ensure change. However, this is just one instance as many students were pleased with the changes that their food director brought. ” I believe with the new addition of the salad bar more students have been willing to eat the school provided lunches,” stated Editor-In-Chief Marisol Rendon. Students are also ecstatic to hear that the food director was kind enough to provide a food tasting for the menu. All in all students were grateful to know that their concerns were taken serious and that the IUSD food services were willing to cooperate in making improvements.

Parents and students can rest easy as protesters are expecting a change by March of 2017.


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