A Little Piece of Italy

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September 30, 2016 by jaqueline16


By : Jaqueline Ramirez

City Honors High School

With so many dessert choices, it’s hard to choose one. After visiting Spatola, I promise this dilemma will continue to expand. Spatola is new to the gelato business but has quickly taken over and continues to grow, with renovating flavors it’s all you hear about in Brentwood.

Now, before I get into a description of this shop let me make a few points clear:

  1.  I am a Spatola employee.
  2.  I will do nothing but be honest.
  3.  I am not a sponsor.

Let’s start with Spatola’s menu. You can find various items such as cookies, coffee, milkshakes, gelato, of course, and even personalized cakes. Now, you might say to yourself “ Well Jaqueline, I can find these items in local shops.” But, when have you heard of outrageous flavors like Nutella and Chocolate Chip Cookies or Panna Cotta and Crunchy Cereal? Intrigued yet? It gets better… there’s Lemon Biscotti my personal favorite and Red Velvet just to name a few.

Okay, so let’s say gelato isn’t your calling or that you may be lactose intolerant. That’s not a problem at Spatola, everday six different sorbets are put out. You can find blood orange, watermelon, grapefruit, and even chocolate. The best part is all the gelatos and sorbets are churned fresh every morning, want to know more? The milk is pasteurized right then and there and all the waffle cones are made daily. Now to answer the question that’s probably on your mind, yes the chef is Italian.

So what makes this place stand aside from others? The answer is simple, the service and taste. The employees of course are generous with all clients and let you sample the gelato in case you have any doubts,but don’t worry the samples are unlimited and free. Now for taste, every single ingredient that goes into the recipe is organic and straight from Italy.  At Spatola, the priority is customer satisfaction….so in case you’re still undecided. How about a customer opinion instead of mine?

Gerson Horn said “ Spectacular ambiance, great service and super delicious gelato awaits you at the Spatola Gelateria. Try it, You’ll love it !”

Now let’s get down to the important part, where is it located? It is positioned at:

11725 Barrington Ct

Los Angeles, CA 90049 Brentwood

Or, click Spatola Artisan Gelato.

It’s open every morning at 11:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm except Friday and Saturday, on those days it closes at 11:00 pm.

I hope all this information was useful and you stop by soon. Remember in case you want to see your classmate at work, I’m there Friday through Sunday. See you there!

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