Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights 2016!!

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November 1, 2016 by cathygon

Written By: Cathy Gonzalez  /  Universal City, CA  

Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to experience the true feeling of Halloween? How about checking out Halloween Horror Nights! Not only is it filled with many different actors taking over the park chasing you and following you with all their different weapons, but many incredible attractions are to be visited. At Universal Studios Hollywood:Horror Nights, you can also go through many different popular mazes that they have at the park for you to go through. Overall, this horror-infested park will be a great way to get a little scare out of you. 

On Friday October 7, 2016, I decided to go for myself along with other people, and see what Universal Studios Hollywood had to offer for their Horror Nights. If you show up to Universal Studios before 7 pm, you will wait behind the doors until they do open. However, once you go in, I would recommend that you make your way downstairs so that you can go to the most impacted mazes first. If you do begin at the bottom lot, you will have the Krampus maze, along with American Horror Story, Jason vs. Freddy, Halloween:Hell Comes To Haddenfield, and The Exorcist. Not only do I recommend going downstairs first for the impacted mazes, but you also need to keep in mind, YOU WILL WAIT! The wait times for most of these mazes have many long lines. However, if you do arrive as soon as they open, you won’t have to wait as long as you would when you arrive a couple of hours after they open their doors. To begin with a good maze downstairs, I would recommend The Exorcist maze. This maze is filled with so many actors, that no matter where you turn something will be there to scare you. The second maze I would say to go to, would be the Freddy vs. Jason. This is an incredible maze, filled with many different characters scaring you along the way. Although all of these mazes are great, the American Horror Story maze is the most impacted of all, this maze will have you waiting two hours or more. Therefore, this should be the fist maze on your list.

In addition to the bottom lot, you have the upper lot, even though there aren’t as many mazes up there. In the upper lot, you should definitely go to the “Terror Tram.” Here you will be taken to the back lot as videos play. Then, you will be dropped off in the middle of the back lot and enjoy another maze. In the end, you will be picked up by the tram to go back. As you continue on the upper lot, you can go to the Walking Dead maze that is pretty unique in that they include much of the actual scenes and settings from the actual show. My overall favorite maze in the upper lot would be the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This maze is one of the top three mazes at Universal Studios, as well as the longest maze. This maze is so scary that one of the people behind me said, “Keep walking faster! They’re coming!”

Honestly, there are not any bad things I can say about the maze, other that there is a pretty long line wait to actually get in, but…. trust me….. IT’S WORTH IT! I know many people may complain about the line wait, but best believe you will come out with a lot of fear and adrenaline in your body as you walk through this maze. 

Overall, you will leave the park with a lot of fear and adrenaline taken out of you, as well as a fun-filled night with either your friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.



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