Museum of Broken Relationships


November 8, 2016 by yungmarss

By Maritza Garcia-Ortiz / November 1,2016

Need a break from your daily routine?  Visit the museum that will make your heart ache.

I was wandering around Hollywood Blvd when the sign to this museum captured my curiosity. The museum is very easy to find. It’s off Hollywood Blvd., just a block east of Highland (it also used to previously be a Frederick’s of Hollywood store).

It is worth a look if you are either from Los Angeles or a tourist in that area. Every exhibit in this museum is an object donated anonymously by someone, and each object is in some way is meaningful to a relationship and its end. Each item had its personal hardship, and whether the description enclosed was short or long, it just draws you in and you instantly feel connected to the person that brought the item or got their heart broken.

Of course, you do come out a little sad as well.  In the beginning, they may have only been taking reservations and selling tickets online, but now as the museum has gotten well known you can just walk in and buy a ticket there any time! It’s $18 general admission or $15 if you’re a student. I suppose this is the norm for museum prices, but for the size of this museum and the exhibits and activities, I felt it was a little steep. But, apart from the price range, the museum is really nice.

My favorite part of the museum was that some objects’ descriptions ended with something along the lines of, “If you see this or recognize this it’s me, contact me…”  I loved seeing the hope and curiosity that still existed for some of the hopeless romantics. Check this place out, who knows you might end up finding one of your loved ones trying to reach out to you. I do advise you to pack tissues!

Click here for the Museum of Broken Relationships web site.

One thought on “Museum of Broken Relationships

  1. Gloria says:

    Omg I loved how well were you able to describe the museum😃😃😃

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