Google Search 101

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January 10, 2017 by gonmich430

By: Michael Gonzalez/City Honors High School

As a person who seeks information, it is extremely vital that you have a great search engine at your disposal. It is not enough to have the engine if you don’t know how to use it. Follow along as I give you 10 tips for google searching.

1. Use quotes for exact phrases

If you are searching for an exact quote, try using quotation marks around the statement to get better results. Google will then only give you results that yield these words in this order.

2. Asterisk within quote if you don’t know the full statement.

We have all been there, you remember this awesome song but you can’t remember the full lyrics. Well guess what, if you use an asterisk you can easily find a song if you didn’t catch all of the lyrics (e.g. ” I don’t ever want to feel * take me to the place I love”).

3. Use a dash to eliminate results with specific words

If you want to search up for example a book but aren’t interested in its movie adaptation then you can use the minus to eliminate these results. ( Harry Potter -movie)

4. Search a website for certain key words or topics

So if you ever want to search for information but only want results from a specific website you can use the site: command. For example if you wanted to known overtime The New York Times mentioned Trump you’d search Trump

5. Search news going back to the 1880’s

Google news has a feature where you can look up news publications going back as far as 1880’s.

6. Use DEFINE: to find definitions of words

This is relatively straight forward, if you wanted to know the definition of hagiography, you’d type DEFINE:hagiography

7. Compare foods by using “vs”

If you want to compare nutrition facts for food you can use vs to get side by side results. You can also ask google to do this function by typing in “compare __ to ___”

8. Search for specific file types

This is very useful if you viewed a certain file and want to view again. You simply type the title of the content followed by file type:pdf (i.e. Chapter 13 file type:pdf).

9. Track packages

This doesn’t require an example but if you are waiting for a package to be delivered you can enter its tracking number into google and it will show you the tracking information.

10. Check the weather

Type in weather *zip code*

11 search a range of numbers

This is useful for people searching statistics and money. Basically if you use two dots and a number it will give you a result for that range.

For example: What teams have won the Stanley Cup ..2004

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