Career Path Tips for Future Nurses

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January 12, 2017 by ayyomaleea


Written By: Maleea Mckinney / Inglewood,CA

Have you ever been interested in nursing or wonder what steps as a high school student to get yourself ready for a major in nursing? I have a few tips that may help you get on track.

What type of nurse would you want to be?

There are many different types of nurses in the medical field. Just to name a few below:

1.Registered Nurse (RN): They assist physicians in hospitals and a variety of medical settings and help in treating patients with illnesses, injuries and medical conditions.


2.Licensed Practical Nurse: Performs a variety of tasks under the supervision of an RN. They administer medicine, check vital signs and give injections.


3.Clinical Nurse Specialist: An advanced practice nurse and is proficient in diagnosing and treating illness within their realm of expertise.


4.Operating Room Nurse: Care for patients before, during and after surgery. They work alongside surgical teams and act as a liaison between them and the patient’s family.


5.Labor & Delivery Registered Nurse: A labor and delivery nurse may aid in inducing labor, administering epidurals, timing contractions and educating the mother with breastfeeding advice when the baby is born.


The list goes on for different nursing positions. For more positions or a more detailed description of the ones listed above visit:


What can you as a high school student do to prepare yourself in majoring for nursing?

Whether you have or have not decided on what type of nurse you want to be these tips can still help you with your journey.

1.Volunteer at a Hospital. Volunteering at a hospital will not only benefit you, but also show colleges that you are serious about majoring in nursing.Volunteering at a hospital will expose you to the environment they work in and you can see if you really want to be in the medical field. You can talk to nurses and get an idea of how it is like.


2.Join HOSA-Future Health Professionals. Formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America, is a national career and technical student organization which prepares students to enter the healthcare field.


3.Take CPR/First Aid Classes. You’ll need it since you are going to be saving people’s lives. Get a head start and take classes as soon as possible.


4.Become  a CNA. CNA stands for Certified Nurse Assistant.You can take the class at the Southern California Regional Occupational Center (S.C.R.O.C) for free if you are a high school student.


5.Maintain a Good GPA. Maintaining a good GPA will play a big role in getting into college and into a nursing major.


6.A-G Requirements. A-G requirements is a College Entrance Requirement. If you plan on going to college to become a nurse.You should do the recommended years of the A-G requirements.You should take 3-4 years of math and 3-4 years of science. Challenge yourself and take AP classes. By doing so you can have a chance of getting into impacted nursing majors. Also take extra classes that relates to your major.


7.Score High on your SAT/ACT. Scoring a good number on your SAT/ACT will also help you in making it into the list to get into impacted nursing majors. With a good GPA and SAT/ACT scores you should be fine. To prepare yourself for the test visit:


8.Find Nursing Programs. Find a nursing program in your area that is for high school students.You can get more information and experience on what it is like to be a nurse.

If you are not planning on attending college but still want to become a nurse, you can go to a nursing school in your area.


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