How To Grow In 2017

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January 19, 2017 by 7mangoes

By Marel Terregone / Inglewood, CA
In a review of 2016 we can all confess to us having a really bad year of self growth , but with these tips you will be more prosperous and happier than ever !


The first step into having a prosperous year is taking care of your body. Were all tempted to pick up that chocolate donut with extra sprinkles or hot chips every once in a while , but we mus indulge in healthier choices. Eating more fruits , vegetables , and protein can make you feel more rejuvenated and fresh. Even drinking at least a gallon of water a day can improve your health by flushing out toxins that are in unhealthy foods . Although it may be exhausting , Exercising for at least 30 minutes day is recommended as well

Get Out More

Whether if you’re by yourself or with a group of friends , enjoy whats outside . Take a walk on the beach , visit the zoo, go to a party , or just got to an amusement park. You can’t have a good year if you stay cramped in the house. Take those opportunities to have fun.

Put Priorities First

If you have assignments to do , don’t wait until the last-minute to do it. You will be more satisfied if it is done right then and there. Playing video games and talking to your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend can wait a while.

Be You

If you spent 2016 trying to be someone else or hide who you truly are ; CHANGE ! Be yourself and know that you are good enough . Don’t be scared to wear those shoes that everyone doesn’t wear . Be confident in your flaws and perfections.

If you want to start living a better life , even if you’re 15 or 25 use these tips to begin your journey to a good year .

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