Review of De’arra and Ken

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February 21, 2017 by missjordynn

By Jordyn Patterson / Inglewood, CA

The Youtube couple with the entertaining and funny videos; yeah, that’s the famous ‘De’arra & Ken 4 Life’. Their video topics go from crazy dry ice experiments to emotional pranks to their regular cooking with DK4L videos.

De’arra and Ken post every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday on their main channel. I have been watching their videos before they were on Youtube and only on Instagram; I have loved them ever since. De’arra & Ken goes on many vacations together and they record their experiences and their everyday adventures on their vlog channel.

Here are a list of some challenges that they have done already: The balloon challenge, the mouth guard challenge, the gross soda challenge, the crazy karaoke challenge, the epic slime bucket challenge, the pizza challenge, the warhead challenge, and the yoga challenge.

They have also done many pranks such as the following: The extreme throw up prank, the tarantula prank, the lyric prank, the shower prank, the haircut prank, the sleeping prank, the bathroom prank, and the killing girlfriend’s cat prank.

Their interaction with their ‘DK Gang’ is excellent, they converse with them through social medias like twitter, instagram, and snapchat. They are considered one of the hottest couples out because of their beautiful photos together and their funny videos on Youtube.

“De’arra and Ken are cool, I think that they are going to be together for a very long time.” ” I like them a lot, I like their chemistry.” “There are a very cute couple and they are going places.” “Goals!” “I think that they are two young motivated entrepreneurs that energy bounces off of each and with that being said, that allows them to have a lasting relationship.” “I like [De’arra’s] hair.” These are direct quotes from students who attend City Honors about the amazing couple, De’arra and Ken.

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