2nd Semester Tips You Need to Know

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February 23, 2017 by yams1022

By: Yamilet Balderas / Inglewood CA

Finals week are finally over, ha get it? Depending on how you did last semester, you either don’t want to mess up this semester, or you’re on the right track.

Second semester is a perfect opportunity to start fresh. Here are a few tips to keep you on the right track.

1. Extra Credit/Tutoring. 

If your teacher is offering extra credit or tutoring, do it! Do the extra credit, and go to tutoring! Even if you have an A+ in the class, you never know what may happen. One day you may miss a test and can’t make it up, if you did your extra credit, you don’t have to stress as much. Same thing with tutoring, not only do you get help from your teachers, but you can develop a friendly relationship. Some teachers even offer extra credit if you go to tutoring!

2. Be Organized.

Clean out your backpack, and organize where everything goes. The more organized you are, the easier it is to access your supplies and be prepared. Try organizing your notes. You do not necessarily need to use the recommended Cornell Notes, they are your notes after all. You can organize your notes in whichever way you want, even with some doodles, whatever helps you remember the information.

3. Ask For Help.

If you are struggling on a certain topic do not be afraid to ask for help. If you are shy, try approaching the teacher when they are alone, like after class, or ask a study buddy.

3. Study!

Unless you have photographic memory, you need to study! Go over your notes and read the textbooks, until you have fully understood what you read. Whatever your schedule is, you should always make time to study. You don’t have to spend the whole night studying, limit yourself. Study a subject for 30 minutes, then eventually increase it to an hour. If it helps you, study with a friend who will not get distracted easily.

5. Use Your Resources!

It is 2017, we have gotten  accustomed to using technology. However instead of scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, use YouTube, Google, and study apps like Quizlet. This has personally helped me enormously. When I want to get more information, or a better understanding of a topic, I look it up on YouTube. For example, I have  AP U.S History, when studying for my finals, I looked a chapter up on YouTube and found an amazing teacher that helped me further understand the chapter. Just type in either the chapter, the textbook, or the class subject. I have done this for many difficult classes and I highly recommend it!

6. Give Yourself Some Time.

Spend time with yourself, or go out with friends and have fun. Don’t worry about school 24/7. Still make sure to get everything done, but have fun. Reward yourself after an hour of studying. Watch your favorite shows, eat, take a walk, do whatever it is you like to do.

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