A Day Without Immigrants

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February 23, 2017 by yungmarss

By Maritza Garcia- Ortiz / Inglewood, CA

Valentine’s Day was followed by one of the most important days of February for most people in America, A Day Without Immigrants.

First, let’s explain how this movement started, it started through social media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. People were overwhelmed of the unfair treatment and judgement immigrants were receiving so they began sharing the flyers with the procedures of this protest.

The protest called for immigrants and citizens, to stay home from work or school, close their businesses and abstain from shopping. They wanted people to realize that immigrants play a big role in this country so by shutting down their daily lives they knew they could have their voice heard.  Social media helped people be aware of the protest and business owners started prepping by doing staff meetings and giving that day off.

The day of protest brought together immigrants from all walks of life and appeared to overcome early concerns that rifts within any immigrant community would hamper their success. Businesses were closed because they simply supported the protest and wanted to also support their co-workers. People were stoked to support their culture or their friends or family members by proceeding with the boycott but some people wouldn’t have been able to afford to miss a day in their job.

Despite the huge marches in cities like Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles, many immigrants skipped the boycott  because of fear of losing their jobs. The people that missed out on the boycott due to fear had nothing but their hearts to give to the other immigrants out protesting for them.It was a beautiful thing seeing people coming together, different cultures uniting for one goal, marching for a great cause that matters to all of them. This is something that is going down in history, and I cannot wait to tell my kids all about it.

Remember stay safe and keep defending your roots and culture. Do not forget that immigrants from all over the world have given America a remarkable flavor and a strong character.

Always know your rights…


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