How To Make High School The Best Time Of Your Life.


February 23, 2017 by

By: Danielle Childress /Inglewood, CA

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or finishing up the last few months of your senior year, everyone wants to have the best high school experience that they can. Here is some advice on how to do so :).

Join CLUBS and/or SPORTS – You’ll form bonds and meet new people who can possibly turn into lifelong friends, think about it…somewhere there is a group of peers into the same things you’re into. If your school doesn’t have a club you’re interested in, CREATE ONE! Give it a shot!

STAY AWAY from toxic people – You know that one friend that loves to spread negativity and talk down on other people ? Eventually you’ll start to become that friend the longer you stay around them. No one wants to be around someone who has nothing positive to say.

BE KIND – To teachers, classmates, your principal, heck even the janitor that cleans the boys bathroom; I’m not sure when it became cool to be a complete bully to someone, but it’s not. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. What you give, will surely be given back to you in terms of how you treat people.

TAKE A BREAK FROM SOCIAL MEDIA – When you’re doing homework, projects, any assignment, stay off social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. It’s very much time consuming and can be a distraction, just until you finish all your work, then you van use it again.

MAKE FRIENDS- I’m not saying you have to be a social butterfly, but it’ll make your high school experience a lot more fun if you have at least two or three loyal, trustworthy friends to spend time with. I spent majority of my freshman year by myself and I HATED IT. My sophomore year, I had a big group of friends, and I’d have to say sophomore year has been my best year of high school so far. So go out and socialize :).

In conclusion, high school can be either the best or worst times of your life, whichever one. Please remember, high school is only four years, so don’t stress so much over it… it’s all temporary. Hopefully you take my advice and have the best high school experience you can.

One thought on “How To Make High School The Best Time Of Your Life.

  1. drerox21 says:

    I think this is amazing advice. As a person who graduated high school almost 7 years ago (didn’t realize it had been that long), one thing I would definitely say is, make sure you love yourself, be unapologeticly yourself no matter what. Don’t be afraid of what people will say or think, because honestly you probably won’t see half of the people you hang out with after high school.

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