Trend Forecast: Spring 2017


February 23, 2017 by jdflores2018

By: John Dave Flores [Inglewood, CA]

The season for bundling up in layers and wearing dark colors is finally over! Welcome the next season with open arms and a new wardrobe!

Winter and spring styles are distinctly different. Winter calls for more heavier fabrics and dark colors, whereas the spring season calls for lighter fabrics and brighter colors. So, how do we make the transition?

I asked young stylist and fashion designer, Josie Bell, for her fashion insight. She suggests wearing denim and having popular colors like white and pastel colors incorporated into your looks. As an addition, she recommends (for women) to wear their hair up in a bun, a ponytail, or cut the hair to a shorter length.



Other school fashionistas also agree with this seasons color pallets. Paris Primm predicts a light and bright Spring season with pretty pastel colors and light lace embellishments. She also predicts the breakout of the colorful dashiki, a colorful garment of African origin. In the same spirit of the light and bright season, Brianna Rodriguez expects sheer fabrics crop tops, and the traditional floral print to dominate the season.


Danielle Childress is going to bring the natural aspect of spring back. When I asked her what she was going to wear for Spring ’17, she immediately said, “nude.” Earth tones and different shades of greens to be more specific.  She disagrees with floral prints as it’s “so spring 2017.”



Floral patterns will also dominate men’s fashion next season as well, Pierce Penzella also suggests. He sees small floral prints worked into any outfit no matter its size. Penzella categorizes his style for Spring as “casual skateboarder” meaning simple t-shirts, Vans, and pants with a multi-color twist.



New York Fashion Week has already set the trends for the  Spring/ Summer 2017 season. This upcoming season will feature the typical floral prints and bright colors paired with lighter fabrics for the approaching warmer weather. Dolce & Gabbana’s theme of “Tropico Italiano” included their famous flower prints and embellished sequin detail, which will be undoubtedly common next season. Other expected trends include ruffles, neon, metallic finish, and leather fringing.

What will you wear for Spring 2017?

Grab your looks here:



2 thoughts on “Trend Forecast: Spring 2017

  1. nicoleford99 says:

    This is really good.


  2. Tangie Calloway says:

    The “Trend Forecast” was nice,now I have ideals to work with in order to look good this spring 2017.


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