Do bullies still exist?

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February 28, 2017 by agallonofallen

By Allen Galvez/ Inglewood, CA

Yes, sadly this is still an issue worldwide. There are many ways people can hurt one another, not just with actions, but sometimes with words; which in some cases are worse than others since its emotional rather than physical. There are many ways that bullies are identified, such as “mean girls,” cyberbullies, etc. I believe that this issue will never stop, even though it has slowed down ,people will always have something mean to say to someone.

Bullies have a great impact in someone’s life; they have the power to make you feel scared, to come to school, or even get off track in school education. According to the site,  people bully one another to feel supreme, to feel like they have the power to control you or to tell you who you are. They are very wrong you will always have the power to stop all the madness. Yes, it might be hard and frustrating but it’s worth it.

You do not deserve to be treated like you’re worthless or like you’re a loser because you are not one. You might think others are exaggerating, but words could haunt someone all day and make them do the unthinkable. Every single day there is one person who feels like they do not have the power to stand up for themselves, but I am telling you now that you do. You have the power to do what you desire, do not ever let someone bring you down. Words only hurt if you let them get to you. Just remember you are not alone; you never will be.

I had the opportunity to interview  a victim of bullying; it was such a privilege. She was a junior at a new school, when everything began. Being at a new school,unfamiliar with her surroundings, became extremely hard. After a while she became known around her school and fond of many teachers. Unfortunately, there was a day when everything fell apart, a group of “mean girls,” that were seniors, troubled her. They got along with her, but always had mean comments toward the freshman she dearly cared for.

One day she got so fed up, she stood up for her friend. She said “Back off, there’s no reason for you to be this mean. Especially towards under class men.” The seniors started laughing and said “Please (in a sarcastic manner) we are not taking advice from you. If you keep trying to defend him, then we will treat you like that, too.” She did not believe them, in her eyes they were not worthy of her energy and attention.

Later that day, she noticed everyone was looking at her but all weirdly, then suddenly her friend came up running to her saying, “Have you seen your Facebook account?” She immediately toke out her phone went into the app and couldn’t believe what she was seeing; tears were coming out her eyes.

The next day everyone was laughing at her, they looked at her as if she was trash. She told me it was the worst feeling ever, she thought it was over. She didn’t even tell her parents; she kept everything bottled in because her friends did not even wanna talk to her. They said they did not want their image to be destroyed.

She didn’t confront the girls; she didn’t have the energy. Instead, later that week, she switched schools. Somehow she convinced her parents to make the switch. She does have one regret, though she wished she stayed and confronted it because it is never good to run away from a problem; it makes you stronger to stay.

She is now a senior and made a club at her school about anti bullying; it has progressed so much that it is there to stay even after she leaves.

If you are being bullied, here are some online resources:

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