Great Video Game Deals for March

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February 28, 2017 by gonmich430

By: Michael Gonzalez / Inglewood, CA  2-28-2017

Many of you may know video games are an expensive hobby, from buying the game to getting new accessories to make your experience more enjoyable. We’re here to let you know of any steals happening this month as well as any upcoming big releases.

  1. Games with Gold:

Xbox Games with Gold

Image Source:

Let’s kick the list off with the currently announced free games with Xbox live gold for the month of March. For all of our Xbox One Xbox Live gold members Layers of Fear is free for the entire month with Evolve becoming available March 16 through April 15. On the 360 players will be able to download Borderlands 2 for free for the first half of the month and Heavy Weapon for the second half.

2. Playstation plus free games March 2017Image result for free games for ps4 march

For all of you Playstation Plus fanatics we have some news regarding March’s featured free games. A poster from Europe was recently leaked and seems to feature Tearaway: Unfolded which is a remastered of the PS Vita game Tearaway. The other game featured appears to be Disc Jam which is allegedly a modern day 3D Windjammers. Again, this list is speculation but the poster appears genuine.



3. Nintendo news!

Image result for nintendo switch

How on earth could we make a March list and not include the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch release, which is set to come out March 3? Although this may not be a steal/deal it is a big release for Nintendo in the month of March.

It is priced at $299 and offers 32 GB of memory. If you are set on purchasing the console and want to be one of the first to receive it, Walmart and Gamestop will both have it available at midnight launch this Friday.

However, if you are still hesitant about purchasing Nintendo’s new console feel free to check out its in depth review by TrustedReviews.


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