Underrated Music For You-Introduction


February 28, 2017 by hibiscuswallflower

By Paris Primm, Maleea McKinney / Inglewood, CA

Are you tired of listening to the same old songs? Need some new music in your life? We got you!

There is SO much music being made every year and it is a shame some talented artists don’t make it into the mainstream or get played on the radio. Maleea and I don’t want to be selfish and keep them all to ourselves, we feel great talent should be shared. We will provide music from every genre from hip-hop and rap to electronic dance music and rock. We hope we bring recognition to artists you’ve never heard of, expand your taste in music, and update your playlists.

Every month we will write an article about an artist including his or her’s biography and we will create a playlist with our favorite songs from that artist. The playlist will either be made on YouTube, SoundCloud, or Spotify. We will also provide links to their websites (if applicable), social media sites, and any upcoming tour dates in the LA/OC area.

Paris’s pick for the month is *drum roll* Daniel Caesar!

Bio Daniel Caesar is a 21-year-old singer from Toronto, Canada that describes himself as a new soul artist. He is inspired by the other successful mainstream artists that came out of Toronto like Drake and PartyNextDoor but his musical influences include The Beatles and Kanye West. He has released a Praise Break EP and Pilgrim’s Paradise.

Why You Should Listen You should be listening to Caesar because *cliche warning* his voice is just amazing. I am confident in saying nobody else sounds like him but more importantly, no one else will bring you the feelings his voice transcends. He brings feelings of comfort and nostalgia.

My Favorite Song My absolute favorite song by Caesar is  “Get You” featuring Kali Uchis.

Artist Playlist is being created now and will be featured in the March article!

More Information Instagram and Twitter- @dannyixxi                                                                     YouTube and Soundcloud- danielcaesar

Let us know if you love Get You as much as we do!

Read more about underrated music by clicking here!

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