What’s the Problem with Love?

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February 28, 2017 by alisha

By Alisha Beachem / Inglewood, CA

No one cares about love anymore. It seems as though love has became just a word that is often used very loosely.

This generation is completely about whose relationship is better than whose. Everyone is focused on showing off on the media that they’re “relationship goals” rather than actually being in love. People forget that love is about connecting and not matching outfits. The focus is no longer about the bond but more about the image, all of which has become very sad.

This raises the question of “what is the problem with love?” I personally feel that the most popular music has completely changed itself. Before this generation, all of the music encouraged love. No one sang about leaving a woman or a man. The artists of past generations made music to literally attract each other. They used their music in a way that spread love and happiness. Etta James’s “At Last” is a prime example.

Aside from the music, the media is greatly affecting the love that young people as well as adults share. The media is showing people that they need material things to prove that they love someone, for example Chris Brown’s “Loyal.” It is also pushing people to show off these material things online from their significant other in order to show that they’re really in love. This generation is focused on posting what they believe is love rather than taking the time off the media to actually connect with the person they “love”.

To answer the question, the media and the music is causing people to get the wrong idea of what love is truly about.


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