The Perks of Being Single

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March 1, 2017 by jaqueline16

By Jaqueline Ramirez / City Honors High School

Sometimes relationships are portrayed as perfect bliss, but let’s be honest, we all know it is filled with ups and downs. Not that I am complaining about my relationship but sometimes a little space is yearned for; and that is okay. It is part of being normal.

Obviously, I have not always been in a relationship…which brings me back to my main topic. What perks came along with being single?

  1. A relationship can turn into an investment, being single is money saving:

Not that being in a relationship always hurts your pocket, but it can. It does depend on who you date, your age, the time span you guys spend together etc, but for men all those little gifts add up. Everything from the movie nights, flowers, diner dates and even gas comes together.

  1. You do not need to make time/schedule changes:

When in a relationship you need to spend time with each other. Sometimes that means skipping hanging out with your friends, watching the basketball game or alone time. If you are single you have the liberty of making your weekly plans without sacrifices.

  1. Sometimes in a relationship you have to give things up:

When I mention making sacrifices, it does not always have to be something of great importance. It can, but I mostly refer to the little things. An example would be the place where you want to go to. Let’s say one person in the relationship wants to go the beach and the other wants to spend a day at the park, what do you do to solve this? Unless, you can fit both activities into the day,one of you will have to agree with the other, relationships involve understanding.

  1. If you are single, you can concentrate on yourself:

It is important to grow as a person, learn what you like, or even challenge yourself. When you are single it is the best time to concentrate on the topics mentioned above. Since, you will have time by yourself ;it will be much easier to devote your time into something and give it your all.

  1. Relationships can bring heartbreak:

We have all seen those movies with the girls eating ice cream after a breakup. Yes, it might be a bit exaggerated; however, no one wants to experience this. After all, getting over a relationship is not easy for everyone. Some people are able to bounce back into their normal routine as if nothing ever happened, while some of us take longer to adjust.

Ultimately, if you are single or in a relationship self happiness is important. Just remember neither one is better than the other.





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