Who have you become? (Finished)

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March 1, 2017 by Love4Quick

By: Natasha Ford aka Love4Quick

The rage in his eyes. The fear in mine. The anger in his voice. I made a terrible choice. The hatred I feel. This pain is so real. WHAT DID I DO?! WHO ARE YOU?! The dude I once knew. He can`t be you. His fists bald up tight. I know he won`t hit me, right? He hit my face so many times. I fell to the the floor, asking him why? He walks away. Blood pouring from my face. I try to leave. He tries to stop me. He begs and pleads. I wait for him to go to sleep. I try to run. He comes after me with his gun. He yells out my name. He says, WHEN I CATCH YOU, YOU`LL REALLY FEEL SOME PAIN! I`m running down the street. He`s catching up to me. As I run faster, he yells out, STOP! Then he firers 4 shots. I fell to the ground in so much pain. He calls out my name. He runs over to me. He begs me to stay and not to leave. I can barely breathe. I cried out, GET AWAY FROM ME! He asked me, Why did I run? I asked him, Who have you become?

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