He Will Walk 3,031 Miles

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March 21, 2017 by jaqueline16

By: Jaqueline Ramirez / Inglewood, Ca

I have a little cousin who is about five years old. Unlike me, my cousin lives in Guatemala and shares a home with 7 siblings and both his mom and dad.

Every couple months or so, my mom is able to pack all kinds of goodies into a box and have it shipped off to them. However, the box is nowhere near a small box. In fact, it usually weighs about 150 lbs and take a couple people to move.

My mom, being very giving, wastes no time in finding the biggest box she can. Of course, the regular postal service isn’t going to ship off a box weighing so much. For special cases like our’s, we require to contact a company on the internet for these deliveries.

Usually when we communicate with our family over the phone, they ask for certain items. Most of the time it’s something basic, such as, deodorant, lotion, clothes, shoes etc. To me its items i take for granted but are well appreciated over there.

The last time(about 3 weeks ago), I spoke to my family my aunt put my little cousin on the phone. He was speaking to my mom and said “Auntie, remember I asked your for a toy car?”

My mom looked at me and whispered “ I forgot he asked me for that, it was before Christmas.”

He continued to talk and said “My mom said the guy who is supposed to bring my toy truck is going to take a while. I also remember asking you for a car that could hold a lot of dirt, because the one’s here can’t hold a lot of weight. She told me that it’s a complicated order and it will back the guy up a little more.”

My mom interrupted saying “Your mom’s right;

unnamed (3)


I promise your car will arrive soon.”

He responded “She also said that I need to wait longer because the delivery guy is walking all the way from the USA to Guatemala. Can you imagine how tired he must be? Although, I did see on television, that in America there are airplanes. Would it be possible for you to put him on the plane instead?”

Before my mom could even answer my aunt said. “It’s very expensive.”

Eventually my mom was able to ensure him that his car would arrive as soon as possible.

Nonetheless, it made me think of how five year old’s living in the USA would react to this. Would they believe the story told to my cousin, and be naive as he was? Or do the circumstances you live in shift your way of thought?







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