What is Mensez? Would Anyone Actually Use it?


April 25, 2017 by axirizishere

Axiriz Morales & Maleea McKinney/ Inglewood, CA

I am pretty sure you guys are wondering “What is Mensez?” Don’t worry because that mensezwas the same exact question I was asking myself. I went along and researched about it to find out what it is.

Mensez is a lipstick applicator that temporarily seals the labia minora to retain menstrual fluids inside. I wanted to get a more clear explanation on this product so I contacted them. I emailed them a few questions, and Sara from Mensez Technologies responded the following.


What was your purpose for making this product?                                                   The purpose of Mensez is to improve the lives of women help them dream better dreams.

How will it benefit women?                                                                                                        Remove the mess and surprise of periods, less accidental leaks, less pain and hurt, cleaner, keeps out bacteria, stops odors, prevent TSS, convenience, better for the environment.

Would women be prone to toxic shock syndrome?                                                                      TSS?   TSS is caused by a bacterial infection that if the bacteria are present and if you leave in a tampon to long, the bacteria can multiply and become toxic.  Mensez can reduce the incidence of infection by making the vagina a one-way flow, there is no potentially contaminated cup or tampon being pushed up into the vagina. Women retain water prior to their periods and during the period they lose it.  That makes them urinate more often than usual, an average of once every 2-3 hours.  That is the time that the  average tampon is worn, so there is less time for bacterial growth.  Even potato salad is safe for 2 hours at room temperature.   It is important to remember that the vagina has defenses like pH that prevent bacteria growth.  Sanitary pads can become contaminated and when they are wet, they can work bacteria up into the vagina, which is not the case with Mensez as the lips are sealed.

Would it be safe for athletic women to use?                                                                  Athletic women.    Mensez is particularly good for them. The labia minora is where Mensez is applied.  Labia means lips and they are the thin inner lips that are very sensitive and stretchy.  Then Mensez is applied to them they stick together and keep the blood inside in the same location that a tampon would be.  The stretchy nature of the labia will allow normal movements without discomfort or leakage.  Like chewing with your lips closed.  The only time that blood will come out is when she pees or urinates.  Urine instantly dissolves the Mensez and the blood and urine together exit into the toilet, then wipe and apply more Mensez.  Blood or sweat will not dissolve the Mensez, its chemistry, you might think of fingernail polish does not come off with soap and water.  Urine is the Mensez remover.

Does it absorb the menstrual blood? Do you have a set price?                                              No it does not absorb blood, it only keeps it secure inside until she is pees. Pricing is not finalized but it should be similar to a tube of lipstick, and it will last for similar number of applications.  So one tube may last for six months and cost $12-$15.  Nice because the lipstick is easy to reseal and prevent contamination and it’s convenient to carry.

Buy it here – http://www.mensez.com/

What did you think about this product? Would you actually go ahead and use it? Please leave your thoughts on the comments below.

One thought on “What is Mensez? Would Anyone Actually Use it?

  1. hibiscuswallflower says:

    Absolutely not.


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