Life After High School

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April 27, 2017 by agallonofallen

by Allen Galvez/ Inglewood, CA

After high school, is it sad because entering college brings a new environment, new faces, and the realization that your reputation from high school means nothing in college. It does not matter if you were prom queen or the quarterback of the football team or even the hottest girl in high school, once you enter college, those images just fade away. High School does not define you! We are so obsessed with those four years that we forget that life has more to it than just high school.

Yes, those four-year are magical, and sometimes it leaves us with the greatest memories ever, but high school is not everything life has to offer. There are some people who get scared of leaving high school because they think that they wont make it big in the real world; they think that high school is the only place where people are going to appreciate them.

I have a friend that is a senior in college. He told me that even though he was a complete loser, nerd, and an unknown person in high school, when he got to college everything changed for the better. The way he was viewed in high school was gone, the bad names, the bullying, everything was just gone. He actually went on to do great things in college; it is where he bloomed. He wrote a column for the school newspaper and co-edited a campus magazine. Thanks to his amazing university getting him an internship at a big company, they offered him a job once he graduates college, which is just months away.

“Yes high school is a great part of your life but make college become your life. 10 years from now high school will be a faded memory that you will barely remember, but college is something you can hold one for forever. I am attending Berkeley and as a junior I have no regrets, high school is just a fading memory. Make it count” William said.

High school does not define us, some people after graduation stay in that high school life but life is not like high school. It is the way you make it. How will you make your life after high school?

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