My Skin

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April 28, 2017 by 1poeticjustice

by Brianna Rodriquez / Inglewood, CA

So if you seen me ,the first thing you would notice is my brown skin.

The second thing you would notice is i’m a female.

Don’t ask me why it works like that, it just is.

So judging by appearance 1 of 3 things just popped into your mind :

  1. she has an attitude that you don’t want to deal with, she will play hard to get and no one can tell her anything .
  2. she is “ghetto,”  super loud and she is always on some boy . She lives where there are shootings pretty often or she has big brothers who are in a gang
  3. she acts “white ” whatever that is suppose to mean. she talks with to much class and she acts like she is better than anybody. she is most likely spoiled and gets anything she wants and knows nothing about the hard life.

But in all actuality I am none of these things. I am just a girl with brown skin who lives life day by day. I don’t have an attitude for no reason , I am not “ghetto” and my big brother is in college.

My neighbor hood is quite and I can’t possibly “act white” ‘ having class and self respect is a human quality not designated to a race. I am me the color of my skin shouldn’t define me and you shouldn’t define me by the color of my skin.

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