Give Supergirl a Chance (She Deserves It)

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May 2, 2017 by voldemortpotato

by Taylor Austin / City Honors, CA

My comrade, Pierce Penzella, and I have had this long standing argument about our feelings on the new CW television show, Supergirl.

It all started in Journalism class when we were talking about TV shows we like and dislike, and we came across Supergirl. I personally like the show and think that it’s enjoyable to watch, but Pierce’s feelings are that Supergirl aka Kara Danvers  “is unoriginal from Superman aka Clark Kent, her morals are too one sided and too pure, and that the overall writing of the show has countless flaws.” 

I think that the statement Pierce used, “she is unoriginal from Superman,” is untrue and that using the argument is a flaw in itself. Clark and Kara are cousins who both come from the the planet Krypton, in the Andromeda Galaxy. Everyone on their planet has the same or similar powers to each other. Pretty much every superhero’s morals are to help people, fight crime, and try to make the world a better place.

The show is finally getting settled down in its own network, it has a very large fan base, and is being renewed for a 3rd  season. So, obviously the writing of the show can’t be all bad.  

Pierce has also stated that, “Supergirl doesn’t need a show because her cousin Superman has 2 movies that earned so much money.” To this, I laugh because even though so many took their time and money to watch them, the newest Superman movie, and Batman vs. Superman were complete letdowns, and people were demanding refunds. If I were to also talk about the Superman movies, dating all the way back to the 1970s, those were also letdowns to the viewer who payed to see them. Supergirl also had a movie in the 1980s, but to be fair, this was a time in the movie industries when sexism was more tolerated.  

Overall, it’s not only that this is an enjoyable show to watch, it’s also about a strong female lead superhero. For so long there has been movies and TV shows with male leads kicking butt and saving the world without much female representation

, and if there was any, they were always the failed love interest. The show has also brought into view positive representations of LGBT characters.

I know that you may be entitled to your own opinion, but the question I would like to raise is that if the main character and superhero of the show was a straight, white male, would you even be raising any questions and concerns?

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