Does Intuition Exist?

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May 16, 2017 by jaqueline16

By Jaqueline Ramirez / Inglewood, CA

What is a “gut feeling, ” “women’s intuition,” or as mothers would say “my mother instinct?”

1.The Gut Feeling


To me, this literally means the first idea that popped in my head, sort of like,my brain being  triggered and tossing a concept out. In other words, the immediate solution I had to something.

“It’s your primal instinct. Something like a ‘Guardian Angel’ keeping you from harm, telling you what is right or wrong. Also, similar to a survival tactic.”


-Michael Gonzalez

“ It’s just like a part of your conscience (exclusively for decisions) in the back of your mind that lets you know whether to go for it or not.”

-Kinnnah’ d Hughes

  1. Women’s Intuition


I believe that this was a beautiful gift given to women, as soon as they came out of our mother’s womb. It is as if we were sprinkled with it and have a life time supply. The best part is, women don’t even have to learn how to use it; it activates by itself, just like a super power. It is the the ability to detect that something’s wrong.

“ It’s your sense of right and wrong. Let’s say I tell you to rob a bank with me, your women’s intuition would guide your overall decision.”

-Marisol Rendon

“ A sixth sense that women have in a severe situations. Say he’s cheating, you’ll know,even if you don’t have proof.”

-Zagawah Burgess

  1. The Mother Instinct

    image (4)

Currently, I am not a mother, but I do think that a mother instinct is similar to a women’s intuition. Of course, with the exception of getting this feeling when you become a parent. It is the feeling a mother gets when her child is in danger, feeling glum or in need of aid.

“When God whispers in your ear, and you feel it in your spirit, you know something is happening before it does. ”


“It’s being there with your child at all times, even when he or she isn’t physically next to you. It’s like you are always guarding them; you are able to apprehend if they are in danger, and stop them from involving themselves in a situation before they actually do it.”

-Ms. Akaya

4. Science and Intuition

When it comes to science, your ” gut feeling,” and intuition are basically the same thing. To uncover the mysteries of intuition a study was conducted.

Groups of approximately 20 students were shown a screen with black, and white dots moving across the screen. They were asked which side they were moving on, either right, or left.

At times a small picture, or light was flashed on either side,at speeds too fast to not be perceived. This images were both positive, and negative; in an attempt to trigger an emotional response ,and stimulate information involved with intuition. For example, a puppy or a weapon.

At the end the results proved how when shown positive images, the participants did better on the task, and felt confident in their choice.

5. Science and mother’s intuition

When a women is pregnant, a physical and emotional bond automatically build between a mother and her baby. Along the pregnancy, fetal DNA crosses the blood barrier, eventually making its way to the mothers brain. It stays there even after pregnancy, meaning the mother literally has a piece of her child inside her eternally. This is the reason scientists believe mother’s intuition exists.

So there you have it, the difference between a “gut feeling”, women’s intuition and a mother instinct.













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