What to bring to your new college dorm room.

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May 16, 2017 by its_kinnahhh

by Kinnah’d Hughes / Inglewood, CA

Seniors, we are almost across the finish line ! Then comes summer, and then real life hits again – but this time even harder. But before we dive into the professors, exams, and late night study dates, we get to enjoy one moment, that majority of college freshman, mainly girls, love: personalizing your dorm !

Many freshmen come to their new “home” on moving day with carts full of fancy new items that they cannot wait to put into their dorm rooms. But then once they actually get into their dorm room they realize they don’t truly have all the space that they anticipated on having. Or there is some stuff that they brought that they cant even have. But hopefully after finishing this article you have a clear understanding of what you should actually bring.

I went around to some of the college young adults that I know and asked each of them for at least ONE item that they feel everyone should have :

Kiarrah Hughes – Sophomore at Cal State Chico: “I regret not bringing something important to me from home, I was really home sick and had I had something that connected my to my hometown it would have been way easier”.

Vandalena Mahoney – Sophomore at Loyola Marymount University : “I would say to bring a lot of wall art, to be able to make your dorm room your own”.

Leland Green – Freshman at University of Hawaii : “FOOOD, bring alot of your own snacks and stuff because you’ll get tired of the same old college [cafeteria] food”.

Three very different answers, but all three are equally important. But there’s still a lot of basic items that they did not mention. Here’s a list of other items to bring to your new dorm :

  1. Mattress Pad
  2. Sheets & Pillows
  3. Towels & Personal Items
  4. Wall Decor : ceiling lights, photos, paintings (Make sure your school allows you to hang up your paintings BEFORE purchasing them)
  5. Desk Organizers
  6. Plenty of Supplies
  7. Alarm Clock
  8. Mini Fan
  9. Extra Storage .. but not too much !

Those are just a few common items that all freshmen bring. For more specific information you can go to My Big Future’s Off to College Checklist for a full list.

Seniors .. our year is soon coming to an end, so let’s prepare for our next chapter early to make it a smooth transition into going to college !

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