Short Story: Kyd

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May 23, 2017 by missjordynn

Jordyn Patterson/ Inglewood, Ca

Lonely lonely days…

Everyday of my life, I do the same exact thing I did the day before. It gets extremely boring, especially seeing everyone else have the time of their lives, every day. I mean all the way from #moviemondays #tacotuesdays and hashtags for the rest of the week.

Oh, hi…… I am Kyd. I feel like my parents set me up for my lifestyle, I mean I still look like a kid, still treated like a kid, and still have childish ways.

I hate the way I look and act compared to everyone else. Layla? Eva? Their beautiful, flowy, curled hair. Their everlasting wardrobe with every current popular brand. Their mature bodies, all grown up with their faces beat every day. It must be why everyone likes them; it is totally unreal of how well off they are. Little ole Kyd can’t ever compare to them. Some like me, but I’m no one’s favorite like they are.

Or, first choice like Buddy is. Buddy is everyone’s favorite friend; he is incredible, if I do say so myself.

Let’s take a look at my freshman…. why not look at one of the worst days of my life? It seems so simple, I bet… I must be so exaggerated. But, I’m not, and it’s not! It’s only simple for everyone else.

My history teacher, Mr. Berry, decided that he wanted to put us in groups. Oh, how much I hate groups! It’s not the group work, it’s not because I have to do all the work, it’s primarily because I never get picked.

Here it goes, Mr. Berry tells us to choose our own groups of 3. Our own? I don’t know who to join? I have no friends, no siblings, and hardly acquaintances. And, as I mentioned before, I’m no one’s first choice. I wasn’t chosen at all…. everyone had their groups, and I was sitting there unwanted like the first and last pieces of bread that no one touches. I had to be forced into a group where they did not want me, and it was up to, of course, Mr. Berry. He loves to “make people grow” and challenge them or what not. Yes, it happened…

He placed the most unknown girl in the school with the most popular kids in the school. WHY?????? My life is over. Yes, I am a bit exaggerated, but this gives me anxiety. Layla, Eva, and Buddy? All of them? As I walked over to their table, it became utterly silent. I knew they did not want me there, but were they really going to show it to my face? Am I that bad? Was it the rip on the side of my jacket? My split ends? My old dirty shoes? ……

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