What Schools Should Add!

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May 23, 2017 by missjordynn

Jordyn Patterson/ Inglewood, CA

In less than a year, I will be on my own, off to college and becoming a young adult.

However, what do I really know about being an adult? Even after 12 years of preparation through school, volunteering, and parents constant advice; I still feel as if I am not completely ready to become an adult. Our family and personal experience can only teach us so much, when close to half of our lives are spent inside of school. The K-12 education system should begin providing programs that will be extremely resourceful to student’s lives in the future.
I do not plan to become a scientist nor will I become a mathematician. Most of the average classes that are required for me to take in school just go towards my credits necessary for graduation. One night, I thought  to myself about what I could be taught that would truly benefit me in the long run. After that, an abundance of ideas began to pop up in my head.

I believe there should be cooking programs, construction programs, survival programs, farming/gardening programs, etc. The recent classes I named should be incorporated because every single student can benefit from knowing how to do these concepts. Also, it can increase your knowledge and capability when entering college on your own.

Moreover, schools should inform and teach you the small resourceful lessons in life such as jump starting a car, changing tires, or performing CPR. I know for sure that I cannot do those things. Learning to do these things will be a waste to no one, I mean who wouldn’t benefit from learning how to jump start a car?

My proposition is to incorporate more beneficial and resourceful programs in schools. The necessary knowledge I would obtain will be helpful to me, my community, and my environment.
More importantly, it will prevent me from staying up at night worrying about how I will survive all alone in college. I am always thinking about the little tasks that I am currently incapable of doing and it honestly freaks me out. If I decide to go 2,000+ miles away to Pennsylvania for college with no family/friends out there , I would not be prepared.

If I were taught these minor concepts in school, it would be one less thing to fear during the transition from totally dependent in high school to on my own in college. During long nights of overthinking my fears, I also come up with possible solutions for them.

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