Futbol Transfer Rumors: Griezmann Set to Move?

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June 8, 2017 by gonmich430

by: Michael Gonzalez, Inglewood, CA.

After many daunting and disappointing campaigns for the 16/17 season among world class players, it seems that transfer rumors are already spreading. One team who can’t seem to get a break with these rumors is Atletico Madrid.

Just Tuesday May 23, Transfer rumors erupted with Los Colchoneros’ star player admitting he would consider a move away from the club. Antoine Griezmann mentioned that he is prepared to leave Atletico if it increases his chances of winning trophies. The French forward, top scorer at Euro 2016 stated Monday night that “… playing nice football and scoring goals isn’t enough anymore… winning titles is what I’m looking for this summer.”

The French national is rumored to make a move to Premier League giants Manchester United who sealed a spot in the Champions League last night by beating Ajax last night for the Europa League trophy. With the Red Devils Griezmann would see himself playing alongside french national teammates Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba. Earlier in the season Griezmann admitted he would enjoy playing alongside Pogba at the club level in the near future.

Image result for pogba griezmann martial

However news was released that Griezmann is happy with the support from the Atletico fans and wants to see what direction the club is taken this transfer window/pre-season time period. He admitted that he plans to stay with Los Colchoneros for the pre-season. I went on to ask some local Manchester United fans about the rumors and what their thoughts were with Griezmann’s rumors.

Local City Honors futbol and Manchester United fan Daniel Munoz was ecstatic about the rumors. “All we need is a fast world class striker, and we won the Europa which was a big yes or no reason for Griezmann… seeing him alongside Pogba and Zlatan would be great for the season!” When I asked him what he thought it would do for Rooney’s role at the club (who currently holds the record for most goals for the Red Devils) he mentioned, ” Well Rooney is a legend to us, there is no replacing him but he is getting older and it’s one of those sad inevitable truths that you have to find their replacement.” When I asked him about his thoughts with Griezmann mentioning he is staying with Atletico for pre-season and wants to see what signings Atletico will make, he responded ” Well it’s understandable, he’s done so much for them in the little time he’s been there but I hope that he is willing to make the move.” Again this in relevance to Atletico fighting their way to a Champions League final spot in the 15/16 campaign and a sem-finalist finish this past season.

Daniel Munoz as well as many other Manchester United fans are happy to hear the rumors and hope that they become a reality this summer transfer window.

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