How to take Better Pictures on Social Media

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June 8, 2017 by alisha

Alisha Beachem / Inglewood, CA

We have came to the point where posting pictures on social media has to be broken down basically into a science. If you’re a millennial, you already know there’s a science to taking and posting pictures. Quality, angles, and lighting are definitely the major key points to the required technique. Here’s a guide to taking better pictures for social media.

Your first and most important step is to make sure your camera quality is up to par…great…AMAZING! For the most part, you’ll need an iPhone or an up to date Samsung that will not let you down when you begin this journey to picture-taking greatness.

If you aren’t taking a selfie, make sure you find a real friend or someone that will take pictures of you that understands the importance of angles and lighting. You don’t want someone taking your pictures if they don’t understand every picture taken of you needs to be literally perfected. So, in order to begin this process make sure to find a trustworthy person to take your perfect pictures.

The next step is to find your location. Getting the perfect background for your picture is almost as important as the person taking your pictures. You don’t want trash cans in your background or anything of that matter. You also don’t need to have a background that matches too much with your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a floral shirt, you don’t need a floral background. The only exception is if the background is actual flowers and that is barely an exception.

Once you find a background, you have to consider where you have to stand or position yourself to take your pictures. Sometimes its better to face the sun so you can capture your highlight or just your beautiful face period. Other times, you want to be away from the sun so that you won’t blind yourself. If you’re inside taking a selfie, make sure to turn on all lights in order to enhance the selfie.

At this point, you’ve just about reached the last step applies to selfies and pictures taken by a friend. This step is for you or a friend to make sure the positioning of the phone in the right direction get perfect angles. To capture complete outfits at a more dramatic angle you should have a friend take the picture by kneeling or if they’re real , they’ll lie down to really get the super necessary angles of a perfect full body picture. If you’re not feeling the dramatic angle, simply have them stand five to ten feet away. If you want mostly background than your outfit, the camera/phone should be held horizontally and the photographer needs to make sure that you’re completely to the left, completely to the right, or smack in the center of the picture. There is no exceptions to this step. If you want more outfit than background, the same rules apply except the camera/phone should be held vertically.

If you want to jazz up the picture, effects are always an option. Choosing the right one for your outfit would have to be another discussion. 🙂

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