Top 5 Artists That’ll Blow Your Mind

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June 8, 2017 by Pierce-Penzella

Pierce Penzella / Inglewood, CA

I’m going to be completely blunt. Modern music sucks. It’s cliche and unoriginal. Not to mention the fact that most “artists” today aren’t musicians. Most of them don’t have instrumental skill and rely heavily on vocal edits rather than just singing into the microphone. As a matter of fact, the next time you listen to a love song on the radio I bet you that they all involve subtle references to intercourse or fornication.
However, there comes a time when someone with not only instrumental and musical talent can entertain you and most importantly make you feel something. With that being said these next artists are the most (in my opinion) talented musicians of 2017. 

1. Steve Lacy

If you’ve ever heard of the nu jazz group The Internet, you may know of their amazing guitarist, Steve Lacy. He is a prominent member of the group. Steve produced instrumentals for their songs, played incredible electric-guitar riffs and even performed vocals for a few of their tracks. In addition to all of this, he earned the band a Grammy when he was only seventeen years-old. Recently, Steve has released his very first official mix-tape titled, “Steve Lacy’s demo”. I’ve already put the link in this article so you can’t try to avoid it. 

2. Hiatus Kaiyote

This group consisting of singer-songwriter Nai Palm, bassist Paul Bender, drummer Perrin Moss, and synthesizer Simon Mavin are well known for their songs crossing over into different genres. They’re a modern jazz band producing audio euphoria that’s very funky. Most songs are psychedelic and reminiscent of many genres in the 80’s. 

3. Yeek

We’ve all had our gloomy days. Whether we’ve had a break up, trying to salvage our current relation ship, or simply spilled milk, this young artist from Jersey, NJ has tapped into the somber sound that most music genres use and fused it with pop rock and disco. When I first listened to his album ‘Sebastian’, I didn’t know if I should feel emo or exuberant. His songs alter the traditional interpretation of emotional sounding songs. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone. Happy or sad.

4. Disclosure

These two artists’ style of music has a little bit of everything in it. If I were to give a temporary label, I’d say they sound like house music. You might’ve heard of these guys while shopping in a Forever 21, Aeropostale, or skate shop and for good reason. They’re really groovy sounding and kinda funky with this ounce of bitterness to it that makes the end result happy and edgy simultaneously.

5. Vulfpeck 

Sometimes, there comes a group of artists that have a style so original and pleasing to the soul and ear. Vulfpeck is a testament to this. This quirky band of musicians have put hard work into perfecting the FUNK and techno genres. Any song by them would get anybody moving and any old person milly rocking.

Well, I’ve said my peace. I’ve shared my preferred musical tastes with those who lack direction. You are free to do what you will with my suggestions. Hopefully, I have shown you a different side to the music world. You are welcome. 





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