Advice to Incoming College Freshmen

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June 9, 2017 by deliacorrales98

by Delia Corrales / Inglewood, CA

Class of 2017,

Congratulations on all you have accomplished. Below you will see a couple of things you want to make sure you do before starting college in the fall.

#1: Always check your email as it will be the number one form of communication colleges use. You must also create an email address with your school name. That will help to be directly connected with professors and not miss any deadlines as well as being up to date. An important tip after having a college assigned email is subscribing to UNIDAYS. There you will be many student discounts to places like Urban Outfitters, Ray Bans, Cotton On etc.

# 2: Make sure you complete all the necessary obligations. This includes taking your math and English placement exams. All colleges will require both if not one or the other. If you have tested out, you will need to show proof, in which case having your SAT scores ready is essential. Another way you can test out, besides standardized testing, is your Advanced Placement classes if you receive a passing grade on them.

# 3: You must send your final transcript when available. This will determine your final standing with the college you have committed to. This will ensure you have a guaranteed space for the freshmen class. You must know that colleges can resend their applications if you failed to pass any classes or did not meet their requirements.

# 4: Be social and get to know your classmates. Most colleges will host welcoming events like Preview Days that you and your family should attend. Getting to know your school, classmates, and city will be beneficial in the fall. You will feel a lot more comfortable after doing so and will have a much more easier time adjusting to college.

# 5: Complete all housing applications. You want to ensure that you research the freshmen dorms to pick the place that suits you most, if you are staying on campus. Make sure you complete the application as accurate as possible to make sure you are accommodated correctly. If there are any medical conditions the school should know of reach out them via email or phone to make note of it.

# 6: Find a roommate. Most colleges have Facebook group chats that students can join to look for roommates. In these group chats you will see students presenting their: hobbies, likes, dislikes, preferences, majors etc. This will give you an idea of who you want to get to know better and who you want to be roommates with. Making friends will also be easier this way as you will have an idea of what your classmates are like.

# 7: Attend orientation. At orientation you will get to know more of your classmates and faculty. You will also have to sign up for the fall semester classes. If you are not an early bird please do not sign up for 8AM courses as you will prepare yourself for disaster. Another important thing will be your student ID; make sure you dress appropriately and be ready to smile.

# 8: Get all your things for dorms. You will find it best to go online or find within the school website a list of the things required and/or optional. You will want to be prepared for college and live comfortably. There are many useful videos online as well as lists that cover all the necessary materials. Make sure to not wait until last minute so that you get everything on the list and not spend a fortune on move in week. Your college will also send dorm catalogs to order from therefore make sure to keep an eye on the mail.

# 9: Spend time with your friends and families to make memories. This is important regardless of whether or not you will be going far away to college. Once you start school you will be busy trying to be adjust and might not have enough time to spend time with your loved ones. A new episode in life will start and the memories you made will be the only thing that stick with you. Make sure to take a lot of pictures.

#10: Enjoy college. The time for growing will arrive and you will be rich with potential as well as life experiences. That is only if you enjoy your time at college. There will be a lot of stress but you must make sure to have a social life and take care of yourself. That will be the only way to ensure you become an educated, responsible, and well rounded human being.


Graduates continue to chase your dreams and inspire the world of today. Always be yourself, and fight through the hardships you will face. Remember to never give up! Good luck on this next chapter of your life.


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