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September 13, 2017 by tantan247

Tangie Calloway

City Honors High School

Filters! The majority of all pictures the people see-whether in media outlets, commercials, or any other place you see pictures-IT’S NOT REAL! Sure the object is there, but it was probably cropped or more details were added. For example, the lighting was edited, or props were added for that picture to look “GOOD”.

I’m here to change that point of view. If we want others to see our pictures then we must not change or confine the way its natural state is. Landscaping is one of the biggest types of photographs photographers take with their high tech lenses, million dollar cameras, and hours and hours of taking multiple shots of a single subject only to use one or two of the shots they took, discarding the rest. Why be all high tech when your phone can do the same thing of taking beautiful landscapes?


Courtesy of Tangie Calloway,taken in 2017 in a parking lot

The steps to take frame worthy pictures are simple to follow and can turn your filtered pictures into natural pictures.

Step 1:DO NOT BE AFRAID The reason you took a certain picture is because you like it and want to share it to the world,so don’t worry about what others might think.

Step 2:GO ABOUT YOUR NORMAL DAYS The real secret about taking highly detail pics is to let them come naturally, instead of you always searching for that once in a lifetime pic.

Step 3:DO NOT USE FILTERS The picture you want to share is fine and you should have faith in it since when you took the picture of the subject, it did not have filters on it. Trust your photo work…we are all photographers at heart.




Courtesy of Tangie Calloway, 2017.

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