Recap: Inglewood High vs. Westchester High Football Game Kick-off!

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September 18, 2017 by chinyereosuigwe

Chinyere Osuigwe

August 31, 2017, Westchester High School

This day marked the day of the first  varsity football game for the Inglewood High School Sentinels starting the 2017-2018 school year! This game is against their longtime rivals, the Westchester  High School Comets.

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Photo by Dymone Smith

The evening started off hot with muggy air, which seems like an almost impossible condition to play in. The two teams seemed unaffected by the weather, and ready to add a “W” (win) to their league scores. The Sentinels start the kick-off, Westchester catches the ball and runs all the way to the end goal for a touchdown! Although it seems as if it was a false play and the game was reset, giving the Sentinels an opportunity to revive themselves with an awesome tackle! Throughout the first quarter, the weather conditions began to change drastically from hot to huge drops of rain. An unexpected twist, of events for the crowd, but the football teams continued to battle on. In the end Westchester was leading 6-0.

The second quarter, the Sentinels and the Comets were tackling each other, amongst the chaos the Comets managed to get in a touchdown, yet the Sentinels score was the same. That was, until star player number 1, from Inglewood High School runs the ball down to the ten yard line!This enabled the Sentinels to only be 30 ft. away from a touchdown. They pulled through with a touchdown with 16.6 s left on the clock… of course they also made the field goal kick! End score was 12-7, Westecheter was still leading.

The third quarter was intense, the teams were getting aggressive! It mainly started when, City Honors senior Teshawn White (number 3), had a wonderful interception at 10 minutes and 47 seconds. The Inglewood side audience roared with anticipation, as if they knew this game would turn around in the favor of the Sentinels. The audience predicted just about right; the Sentinels scored the most in this quarter with a total of 8 points! The end score for the teams, with Sentinels in the lead, was 12-15.

The fourth quarter was by far the most nail-biting, edge-of-seat, quarter of the night, because it was literally anyone’s game. The teams were really competitive at this point, yet Westchester managed to seal in a touch down, which increased their score to 18, making them the leading competitor. Despite that the game wasn’t over yet! At one minute and 28 seconds on the clock, the Sentinels take the lead AGAIN, boosting their score to 22. Montana Craig, number 2, a City Honors Sophomore, has an awesome tackle at the remaining one minute, and 21 seconds. The crowd and the players were convinced that the game would end in the favor of the Sentinels, it was only 6.5 seconds left in the quarter. What kind of miracle had to happen to even spark a turn of events?

Well, the miraculous Comets, actually managed to score a touchdown within these remaining seconds, and at 1.2 seconds left in the game, Westchester was leading with 24 points to the Sentinels 22. A crazy change, which made an exciting game! The Sentinels and the Comets were nicely matched competitors, that really encouraged the crowd to chant and clap throughout the game.

I asked a City Honor’s student who plays for the Inglewood Sentinels football team how he felt about the game. Devin Ramsey, number 63, stated, “Well… in the beginning I felt a little nervous because it was our first game of the year… but throughout the game I started to feel a little more competitive.” This was definitely the type of attitude a good player should have, because the game was great. Good luck to both teams throughout their seasons!


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