The Art of Being Carefree

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October 13, 2017 by dymone31

By Dymone Smith / Inglewood, CA

Have you ever notice yourself worrying about what everyone else is thinking about you? Do you do certain things because you want to fit in? Do you find yourself worrying about everybody else but yourself? Nothing is wrong, if you have answered yes to any of these questions but some of these things are not healthy habits.  Here are some tips on how to be carefree.

     ~ Don’t worry about others say about you
    ~Love yourself more than anyone could
    ~Listen to music that makes you feel empowered
    ~ Sing and dance around your house at any given chance
    ~ Stay humble
    ~ Always see the bright side of situations
    ~ Never apologize for being you
    ~ Be your own support system and shoulder to cry on
    ~ Know when to let go of negative situations and people
    ~ Be kind to everyone, even if they are not kind to you
    ~Mind your business
    ~  Have confidence in yourself
    ~  Stop comparing yourself
    ~ Embrace your natural self

Being carefree is a life decision we all have the choice to make. Once you decide to practice it, you will reap the benefits of being carefree. If you don’t use one of these tips always remember, never apologize for being yourself.


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