Preparing for an amazing Halloween


October 18, 2017 by serbando01

by Serbando Gonzalez / Inglewood, CA

Halloween is a holiday that everyone around the country enjoys, where you get to dress up and pretend like you’re someone else and get rewarded with some candy. You might be one of those people who just goes with the flow, but some people like to make every year better than the last.

The first thing you should do is try to make or get your costume before hand. I’ve seen and been in the situation where you’ve slacked off on getting one, and now you’re at Walgreen trying to get a last minute costume.

Second thing, do some research on good neighborhoods to trick or treat around. You might already have a good spot, but you might have moved so researching is always good.

The third thing to do is always go with someone. Halloween isn’t always fun and games it can be dangerous since you might get lost and go to places were you’re not suppose to be.

Last thing, you should enjoy your self and wear some comfortable shoes. The whole point of Halloween is to have fun, but sometimes it can get very tiring since you’re just walking to house to house. I would recommend some running shoes, like some Nike Vapor Max or Adidas Ultra Boost; they’re the most comfortable shoes in the market.

Overall, preparing for Halloween should be fun, so don’t stress when things don’t go your way it’s the way of life.

3 thoughts on “Preparing for an amazing Halloween

  1. Esteban Contreras says:

    Know any good places to get halloween costumes that isn’t a Walgreen??

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bryan Tapia says:

      I heard that there are some spooky costumes down there at dollar tree. You should definitely check it out, everything is a dollar!!!


  2. Bryan Tapia says:

    This article is exquisite! I’ve googled Walgreen so I can finally purchase my costume but only Walgreen’s came up. What should I do?


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