Top 5 Scariest Places to go for Halloween!

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October 23, 2017 by chinyereosuigwe

Chinyere Osuigwe / Inglewood, Ca

Are you tired of your neighborhood haunted houses? Do they just not get you scared enough? The solution is here with my top 5 scariest places to go for Halloween, that will surely give you a fright! These are arranged in SCARIEST to LEAST SCARIEST.

Number 1 : Knott’s Scary Farm

kbf-story-scaryfarm-cta.jpg (1128×744)

Knott’s Scary Farm is known, for having all the monsters that scare you the most, and they have 13 mazes and attractions to do the job ! Tickets are are relatively cheap, starting prices start at $42 according to their online website. Mind you, that $42 ticket pays for scary mazes and roller coasters, so this place is definitely a bargain. Personally, when I went I was pretty scared while a zombie chased me around a tree with a chainsaw, but I have four more suggestions if you think that is too bland.

The website for Knott’s Scary Farm is below:


Number 2: The Queen Mary (Dark Harbor Tour)

screen-shot-2014-10-12-at-10-07-15-pm-e1413176985577.png (1426×802)

The Queen Mary is said to be actually haunted… so why not host the ghosts they already have right? Just kidding, maybe? General admission tickets online start at $24 (pre-sale), and the tickets increase up to $229 for the Ultimate Scream Experience Tickets which includes: fast fright entrance to all mazes , guided tour of each maze, expedited VIP entry line, and more!


Number 3: Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

evil-dead-halloween-horror-nights-banner.jpg (726×248)

Universal Studios Hollywood, is known for making movies… so it only seems like a logical place to go for the greatest experience! Tickets are kind of pricey, a general admission ticket is $95, and they have different packages that range up to $159, thus being the frequent fear pass (including up to 13 nights). However, if you want a genuine scare, I do recommend going to the place the scary movies are made!

*Tip* – I am listing the websites to all the places because tickets are usually cheaper online, so please take advantage!

Number 4: California’s Great America Halloween Haunt

Great-America-Logo.jpg (769×401)

I would say that California’s Great America is more of a kid friendly amusement park, but do not expect to not be scared by their mazes, and even there attractions! They have a total of nine amazing mazes with names such as the Wax Museum Chamber of Horrors, and Roadkill Roadhouse! Tickets are also cheap starting at $33 online so this is another bargain, because you are paying for scary mazes and frightening roller coasters!

P.S. This amusement park is a cousin of Knott’s Scary Farm, so similiar Charlie Brown themes might be in the park!

Number 5. Revenge of the Ninja

The Revenge of the Ninja is a sacred scary house! The only days it is open or that the arrival of the fallen ninjas occurs is on October 28th, 30th, and 31st! Make sure you remember the dates, and guess what? Tickets do not get any cheaper, they only have at the door admission which starts at $5!! Yes, $5, a great price for a great fright! You should definitely consider this place, for a Halloween trick… or treat?


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