Why Should You Watch “Stranger Things?”


November 29, 2017 by Ivone Lopez


When a young boy named Will Byers vanishes in a small town named Hawkins, Indiana in 1983, the town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments from the government named Hawkins’ Laboratory. Then, a young girl named Eleven with psychokinetic abilities, an unusual appearance, and limited vocabulary; she also was being experimented on by Martin Benner (was the head scientist of Hawkins’ Laboratory).

Sorry, I should have asked you guys … have you ever heard of a ‘Netflix Original Series Show’ called, Stranger Things? If you have heard about this show, it’s a thrilling original drama. This show has two seasons that I’m going to talk about, what is the differences in both seasons, and why you should watch Stranger Things.

In season one, Joyce Byers’ 12 year old son goes missing. Before her son’s disappearance, he was playing a game with his friends, Dustin, Lucas, and Mike. The board game that they were playing was called “Dungeons & Dragons.”   After that night, Will was being attacked and followed by a monster that might been a “Demogorgon”  from the “Upside Down” that is from an alternate dimension. Then, a odd little girl named Eleven showed up with unusual powers and become friends with Will’s friends and helped them to find Will. She has powers that she can use to communicate with Will to see where he is and know that he is in Martin Benner’s Lab.

In season two, even though Will Byers came from the “dead,” he kept acting strange and began having seizure episodes. When they know what’s going on with Will, everyone got involve to get rid the “mind flayer” that is controlling Will. Chief Hopper found Eleven in the previous flashback in the episode of that shows that she had been living with Hopper while he protected her and treated with full respect as a daughter. Meanwhile, she went on an adventure to find her long lost sister to help her how to control her powers. She went back to Hawkins, Indiana to help Chief Hopper and everyone that were involved in trying to close the vortex from the alternate dimension.

The differences in both seasons is that season one was basically about Will Byers gone missing into the “Upside Down.” He’s been getting experimented on by Dr.Owens, since the “Demogorgon” got him. Dr. Owens was testing Will to see how long he could stay alive, when he was hiding from the “Demogorgon.”  In season two, since Will is back safe home, he began acting strange since the day when he was hanging with his friends at the arcade. Even though Will didn’t get captured again, he felt like he did when a “mind flayer” was inside him.

Why should you watch Stranger Things? Well, Stranger Things is a science-fiction,  horror, supernatural, and period drama all in one. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of those types of genres because I think it’s not entertaining to me, but I do love this show. Aye, I didn’t even know that those are the genres that the show was categorized in when I was watching  the show. Also, they’ve been getting nominated in many awards for “Best Drama Show,” and they won few of the awards.

So, if you guys like what I said about Stranger Things then, you guys should watch it, but get Neflix first if you guys don’t have one, then go watch it.


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