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February 21, 2018 by Love4Quick

By: Natasha Ford aka Love4Quick
A father is caring and loving in so many different ways. He’s the one who holds your hand and teaches you how to pray. He encourages you to follow all of your dreams. He’s the one who gives you hope even when it’s hard to see. A father is the one who believes in you no matter what. He’s the one that you will always be able to trust. He’s kind and gentle in every way. You can see it in his eyes every single day. He pushes you to achieve your goals in life. He won’t allow you to give up without a fight. A father takes care of you out of love. You can feel the love every time you give him a hug. Fathers are recognized by the world, once every year. But for every little kid, a father is recognized everyday we live, every time we cheer, with all the love we give, and with the occasional tear.

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