Date Ideas for Valentines Day.

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February 23, 2018 by jennifercruz30000

Jennifer Cruz/Inglewood, CA

Everyone wants to to go out somewhere fancy for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you do not have much money nor know where to go. There this special someone who you just want to spend your time with. Whatever the excuse is, I have you covered with some inexpensive cute dates that you will like.

Go to the beach

Of course you can do so many thing at the beach. It’s a romantic spot. You guys can have a picnic, walk by the shore while watching the sun set. You guys can talk, joke around. The possibilities are endless. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know each other more even if it’s you first or 20th date.

image (4)

By: Sunset Inn

  • Drive-In Theater

A drive-in theater sounds cute and romantic. You can watch a movie outdoors with your date. You guys can be cuddled up in pillows and blankets in the back seat of your car. Not just that the ride over to the drive-in theater, you guys can get to know each other.

  • Hike To a beautiful view. 

Hiking to a beautiful view is another romantic ides. It is exciting and breath taking especially if it a surprise. It can be a hike to a water fall or to see the view of the entire city. This idea is perfect for any time of the day. You can see the view at night, seeing all the beautiful lights. Not to also forget, it’s a good way to get your daily exercise.

image (7)

By: Russian Time Magazine

  • Go Bowling 

Take your date out to bowling. Maybe it’s their first time or their billionth time. It is so fun. If it’s their first time then you can show off your moves and help them out. I’ts a fun way to make them laugh and to have a good time together.


  • image (6)

    By: Gettyimages

    Take a stroll and grab some dinner. 

This can be one of the cutest dates ever. This date can be for anyone. If it’s your first date or you’re married. Having a stroll together is a time to catch up, to revisit memories, or if it’s your first date to get to know them better. This would be helpful to get your appetite ready for dinner. Dinner can be anywhere, from expensive 5- star restaurants to your local coffee shop.

image (8)

By: ShutterShock

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