Exposing K-Pop’s Biggest Fan!

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February 28, 2018 by Paula Reyes

Earlier in January, I sat down with Samantha Garcia. She told me her experience as a K-pop fan and the origin of her obsession with a group called Bangtan Boys, otherwise known as BTS.

Which K-Pop group is your favorite and why?

BTS (Bangtan Boys) because they’re the first group I listened  to in their genre and I liked the lyrics they had.

How did you find K-Pop?

I saw a Vine of a K-pop group and it peaked my interest, and I googled them, listened to their music, and I became a fan.

Who’s your favorite member and why?

Kim Seokjin otherwise known as Jin. Because in the vine he was the first person I liked.

What is your favorite trait about Jin?

He knows how to cook.

How was it like to experience your first K-pop concert?

It was overwhelming since I had an anxiety attack during the concert, but all of the fans tried their best to make me feel comfortable. It made me realize BTS is a real group made up of real people.

If you had to change one thing about BTS what would it be?

I wouldn’t change anything because there is nothing that bothers me. I don’t want them to be American instead of Korean  because yes, I would understand the lyrics but they bring something different and special with their cultures.

If you had to live with one of the BTS members who would it be other than Jin?

Jungkook because he’s good at everything he does and he’s very athletic, so if I needed him to pick up something he could help.

Who’s your least favorite member?

I don’t have a least favorite member. I like them all equally.

Do you know how K-pop began?

There really wasn’t K-pop stars until the early 90s.

If you had to listen to one BTS song for the rest of your life which would it be?

“Born Singer” because it’s a song they made when they weren’t popular and it was about their aspirations about becoming big stars.

What’s your least favorite K-pop band and why?

EXP because it’s a group of Americans singing in Korean trying to become K-pop stars and appropriating Korean culture.

What songs do you recommend for people to listen to?

For people who are starting I recommend songs that are more Americanized like “Save Me” and “Not Today” by BTS, and “Monster” by EXO.

How long have you been a K-pop?

3 years.

How long do you think K-pop will be popular?

It’s going to be here for a while. Americans are barely getting introduced to it. K-pop has been a thing since the 90s.

If you could be in any K-pop group which would it be?

I would be in BTS because they’re my favorite.

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