Summertime?…Money Time!

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February 28, 2018 by kandyce8

As the last semester of high school (for some of us) comes to a close, summer will be quickly approaching . With that being said, what are you going to do with all of that free time?! That’s what I thought – you have no clue.

If you are a senior like me (Class of 2018! woohoo!!), then you probably have heard people talk about their experiences with student loan debt and how they survived college on ramen noodles and such. I am going to relieve some of your stress by providing you with some helpful tips on finding a job.

Tip #1: Make money doing something you enjoy. I know that’s easier said than done but it will be summertime and no one wants to be bored, constantly looking at the time. Whether it be babysitting, setting up a lemonade stand, selling food, or selling artwork, make the most of your summer while making cash but try not to be too picky at the same time.

Tip #2: Make use of your current resources. Use social media. Most teenagers these days are almost always on Snapchat or Instagram but they do not realize that social media can be used for more than posting and liking. Some of the advertisements are actually job listings for places like Taco Bell, Bath & Body Works, etc. Ask your counselor at school if they are aware of any employment opportunities. Ask family members/friends/older siblings if their workplaces are hiring.

Tip #3: Do. Your. Research. If you are at the mall with your friends every weekend, the next time you visit go in some stores and ask if they are hiring. Wear a decent outfit (no booty shorts, ripped jeans, pajamas, etc.) and fix your hair to look presentable. Use online job sites ( like Snagajob or ZipRecruiter) – that’s a convenient way to view lots of job listings at once. Remember that you can apply for a job online or in person but sometimes it depends on the workplace.

Tip #4: Be creative. This tip somewhat ties in with tip #2 – you do not have to work for someone. You can always create your own employment opportunity by becoming an entrepreneur. You can start your own babysitting business or mentor young kids at a certain sport/activity.

Tip #5: The most important tip – if you are going to try to get a job in the mall or at any place of business, you will need a work permit. Obtain a work permit before accepting a job. It’s the law and it makes you look responsible if you have your paperwork together when the manager asks you for it.

You now have the keys to finding a summer job. Avoid the financial stress of college and become financially independent by using these tips toward your advantage. Happy Job Hunting!

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