Behind the Scenes of City Helpers

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March 9, 2018 by Paula Reyes

By Paula Reyes/ Inglewood, CA

They surround you, blending in with the students of City Honors. Meeting every Tuesday and finding ways they can help the community and better our school environment are the City Helpers. At the head of this club is President, Teresa Sanchez, and Vice-President, Brianda Mercado. You might see them, in the halls coming up with ideas to involve the school in community service, and talking about upcoming events, but this is not as easy as it seems.

Behind the scenes is Teresa, who came up with the idea to create this club which helps students gain community service hours in fun creative ways. She came up with this idea, when she heard students complaining about the amount of hours City Honors students had to complete : 300 hours! To the students this might seem like a lot of hours, therefore, creating the club seemed like a great way for friends to accumulate hours together in the following events: valentine’s day cards for senior citizens, Christmas party at elementary schools, carnivals for Dia de los Muertos, and so many more fun events!


I asked her how would you describe the types of events you do in your club, and she responded, “Well, when you think of community service hours, you think of it as work, but when talking to non-profits [organizations] I try to create light-hearted, fun events. That way it won’t feel like work, but as if you’re enjoying the event, and, in the end, you can say you enjoyed the event as well and had fun.”

City Helpers is a great club filled with many different opportunities to help your community and have fun as well! Therefore, if you’re having trouble accumulating community service hours, head over to Teresa’s club, City Helpers, and get involved with your community.


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