Character of the Week is…Crona.

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March 9, 2018 by tantan247

By Tangie Calloway

Inglewood, CA; City Honors College Preparatory Academy

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Crona appears in the anime show Soul Eater that aired during April 7, 2008 and had 51 very good episodes full of drama, laughter, and plot twists as well as a lot of character development. Crona wields his weapon as if it were a part of himself. He is widely known as the demon sword for his sword, named Ragnarok, as well as having black blood instead of normal red blood, which can be used as attacks if Crona is hit hard enough to cough up some of his blood.

His mother, the snake witch Medusa, had raised him up to become a Kishin, or a human turned monster that fed on innocent human souls in order to become supreme. Thanks to her “motherly charm,” she had turned him into a tool. Implanting the black blood from the melted sword demon Ragnarok is how those two became inseparable from birth. Medusa then forces Crona to kill without a second thought, as well as taking orders from her free willingly. The end results are Crona becoming very introverted, bullied by his sword, negative-minded about everything, being abused by his mother, and not learning how to deal with everyday, normal situations.

Until he meets Maka Arubān, a student at Death Weapon Meister Academy, who befriends him and leads him onto the good path

The meeting of Maka, who helps him get out of his bubble, leads to a change of a character within him:


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Even thought Crona made some … lots of bad choices, Maka accepted him and has over looked his flaws and made the demon within him shrink down from a bully sized controller over him into someone that can and is somewhat willing to help him. Maka has helped Crona slowly get over his introverted ways as well as allow friends to be in his life and deal with real world problems. Crona now thinks for himself than rely on someone stronger than him to think for him.

There is always someone that is like Crona, a small-feeling, timid, depressed person that can not deal with many of life’s problems and situations which then needs someone to help them out in order for them to not go over the edge like Crona almost did. We need more Makas, or at least people that are willing to look past someone’s dark, messed up past and help them become better in life. More people should help those that have been put down all throughout life and have no sense of their life getting better. This is why Crona is the character of the week because he is like a story for those that feel like it will always be raining in their lives, but should remember that there will be people to help them find the sunshine and rainbow at the end, along with happiness as well.

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