My Anxiety and I

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March 9, 2018 by kandyce8

Disclaimer: This poem is inspired by one I came across on Youtube, written by Jae Nichelle entitled “Friends With Benefits”. I can relate to her experience with anxiety and I decided to write a poem of my own for those of you who share the same experiences with myself but feel as though you are alone in the situation.


My anxiety and I have been together for about 3 years now.

Things are going great – she’ll never be replaced

When the teacher asks for a volunteer, or requests students to say “here”

she’s always near, daring me to speak

And when I think she’s gone away, she comes back out to play

Just the other day I replayed a memory I told my mind to keep away

For the next hour I wondered – why did I say that?

Why am I so awkward?

What makes me this way?

I could not answer these questions but I didn’t need to

She’s the part of me I need to embrace because the struggles I face make life worth living

She is in me and even in you – you’ll only know if when you read this she screams, “GIRL THIS IS YOU!”






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